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Copyright Recommendations

Before uploading ANY material to Rockers Station you must either have ownership of the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner to use the material for public viewing and performance. If you upload copyright material which is not authorised, you may face the termination of your account and possibly legal action from the copyright owner.

I don't own the copyright but I have received permission to use the material

The copyright © notice is a legal requirement in many countries, if you have received permission from the copyright owner to upload material to Rockers Station, we would advise you to enter the owners name or company name in the copyright section of your yards control panel. This proves your commitment to maintaining a legal stature when using copyrighted material

Reporting copyright infringement

We wish to work with you to maintain a creative community here at Rockers Station with minimal negative and maximum positive experience for all our users. To report a copyright infringement please contact our administration using the form here and include the artist name and the name of the material.

More information on copyright

For more information on US copyright see the links below:

For more information on UK copyright see the links below:

COPYRIGHT NOTICE WARNING - Rockers Station comprises and contains copyright content. You may not distribute, copy, publish or use the content or any part of the content in any way, you may not alter, manipulate, add to or delete the content or any part of the content without the permission of the copyright owner. Copyright for all content on the Rockers Station web site remains with the copyright owner.

Please rest assured that your privacy is very important to us.
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