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Artist - Delton Screechie

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Delton Screechie

Last update: 11/14/18 17:32:57
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Location: AMERICA CENTRAL: Jamaica
Signed up: 17 Apr 2013 03:16 PM
Genre: Classic Dancehall
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Veteran Reggae vocalist Delton Screechie, 

was born Delton Lowe and grew up in Kingston 11 Jamaica, he started singing in 1975 with the Flames Sound System, a resident sound in his home area ( Kingston 11 ).  Deltons first release was in 1979: Evil  Woman, for producer Floyd Perch aka PaPa Kojak ; then came Ungrateful Woman,  Mix Up and Answer Ml Question in 1982.  His first album was released by Moa Anbassa Records of England also released was a 12 Single She Is My Woman also for Moa Anbassa which did fairly well in England. Then came: Olive Baby and l’ve Got A Letter -two songs that went in the Reggae charts-in England.

In 1985 he teamed up with Early B and Michael McKoy to form Wheely Promotions. He also co-produced Early B’s first No 1 song in 1985 One Wheel Wheely with Michael McKoy followed by an album with Early B of the same name he also co-produced Super Cat’s  Ride and  Shut off and Early B’s  Righteous Rasta Man in 1985. Delton also release another album on the Moa Anbassa Label titled Suffering in the Ghettothe album went to No 1  in France in 1986, theypirated it!

A third album was produced and released in 1995, featuring up and coming artist  Humpy King.

Delton has work with most top sound in Jamaica. To name a few ,,U Roy, King Stingray, Gemini Disco, Virgo, Soul Attorney, Sir Dan, Tippa Tone, Burning Spear, Black Scorpio, Ray Symbolic, Jammys, KillermanJaro with Super Cat, Early B, and Madoo, Hopeton James and Little Twitch. 

Delton says it’s nice to be good but most of all it’s good to be nice.

To all my fans out there:

Read a chapter a day, to keep Satan away and give Jah thanks for life, even if you had a bad day!  Give thanks cause while there is life there is hope!

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