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Artist - Ijahway

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Last update: 06/04/18 21:46:47
Account: Artist

Location: Global Reggae Citizen
Signed up: 18 Jan 2013 03:47 PM
Genre: Reggae
Influences: Life,The Most High, Nature, Roots Reggae
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Many years have passed since artist Ijahway started to play music here and there. 

How could we define his music? Well, it is a blend of conscious lyrics, energetic vibes with a husky voice. Deep and grave, stained by human conditions, inspired by real experiences and not fictions. A mix of reggae, new roots, ragga, blues, rock and world influences.

From his native land of Portugal through Europe and Africa, his travels has sharpened his understanding of the world situation: citizens struggling with corrupted politics. 

A freedom fighter who uses words and music to defy Babylon. A soul rebel inspired by The Almighty to perform his work, for every man has a gift and every man has a mission. 

Versatile, multicultural and multitask, he is the owner of his own independent label named Ijahway Productions, as well as the leader of the fundraising project called Brigada da Paz, sponsoring orphans worlwide. 

For the man believes that one teach one, one help one. All together, humanity could achieve a better outcome if only they would put their trust in themselves instead of politricks. 

Join Ijahway in his fight for global awareness and consciousness. 

Show him support in his quest. 



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