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Artist - Nemo

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Last update: 11/16/18 15:36:02
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Location: EUROPE: France
Signed up: 19 Jul 2012 12:22 PM
Genre: Classic Dancehall
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Who is Nemo ?  

He ‘s the result of a childhood in Venice ( italy) , then Paris , London

 ten years of music school , many trips and long journeys ,all around the world

a first band at 16 , and an everlasting passion for writing ...a true citizen of the earth

He ‘s a child of “Genre fusion”: one can’t label nor file him in any precise type of music

An ounce of Rubadub , a zest of Dance Hall , a little bit of P funk , a drop of RnB , a slight

Taste of HipHop ...sort of a  musical cocktail Molotov!

A first , a second and a third band...then the harsh reality of french underground and the will to exist forced him to go to Jamaica in 2000 !

SoundSystems , stage shows , talent shows , studios , Dubplates , radio and local tv shows

Through the years , and five long stays a yard later Jamaica ‘s adopted Nemo : one can see him on Fiwi Tv , Reggae sun , hear him on Irie fm ; he wins talent shows ( Jcdc and Suzie Q)


In 2003 Producer Pelican ( Ball o fire Music ) gives him his first jamaican 45  ... then others start follow , Paul Barclay , Acoustic Vibes...

In february 2004  Kingston , Nemo ‘s singin in the street , Jah Thomas stops him asking

to be the one to release the tune he was mumbling ...he ends up recording an album with

the Roots Radics ...life time chance he had never imagined in his wildest dreams, recording with his favourite band!

 A few weeks later, Veteran producer Bunny "Striker" Lee asks him to record on original Aggrovators Stick by me...then a duet with Beenie man ...

Ninja man on a tv talent show ( Rooftop Ochie) comes on stage grabs the mike off his hands to big him up and tell the crowd he had never seen a whitey get 3 forward in a row!

Jamaica’s not only adopted Nemo : jamaica’s also given him a brand new name at the Easter Fest  , Cross Breed ,callin him back 4 times on stage...

The artists he likes to mention  all the time are :

Garnett Silk ,George Clinton , Prince , Brel  , Serge Gainsbourg , Snoop, Bowie  , Natedog , Bjork , Sly Stone ,Tiger , BarringtonLevi , JeffBuckley,  Pharcyde , MissDynamite , Adriano Celentano , Janis Joplin , les Rita Mitsouko , Oxmo Puccino , Pinchers o Bohannon ...

One can easely hear the impact of Music in general on His reggae and the will to blink to all

those artists ; still having a very personal approach and his own world!

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